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Welcome to Black Hair Care Today! I originally started this site to share hair care tips for all types of black hair, be it natural, relaxed, or transitioning. Now having completed my long-term transition I find myself more and more focused on transitioning and natural hair exclusively. I guess this is natural (no pun intended). Since my hair is no longer relaxed it is difficult to remember how I used to care for it. I do have some articles on the site for ladies that still relax their hair, and I am glad I wrote these while the information was fresh in my mind, but in all good conscience I can’t recommend relaxing anymore. I am seeing how long it is taking and how my hair is struggling to recover from the relaxer, and I have vowed to never put another relaxer in my hair. So, much of the information on this site will be about the care of transitioning and natural hair, and how to keep it long and healthy.  I will still include information on relaxing as I come across excellent tips and resources.  And as I stated when I first started this website, to relax or not is a personal decision and many women still find it fits in better with their lifestyle.  I hope you will stick around and browse for a while and that you find something helpful.

You will find hair care articles, product reviews, and my transitioning blog where I have documented my long-term transition.  I also have a section of You Tube Videos that I have found particularly helpful.

Keep up with me on my  natural hair blog.  Here I will be experimenting with straight and natural styles.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


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