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July 4, 2013 – 11 weeks post big chop – Shampoo and Press

Well I thought it was time I checked in on my natural hair blog.  I really have not been doing anything special to my hair, except missing it.  I am trying to patiently wait for it to grow but it is not easy.  Even though I love updos, I still long to wear my hair down again, but the lack of length in the crown makes it not look good.  I am hoping by November I will have gained enough of my length and fullness back to wear it down.

I did press my hair this shampoo, but after my next shampoo I plan to wear it natural and twisted for a while to give it a break from the heat.  I bought a new product to use, so will review this when I use it.

The good news is it does seem to be growing and getting fuller.  I tried brushing my ends and applying Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade to the ends before pressing to try to smooth them with only moderate results.  In the photos below you can see how frizzy the ends look.  I will monitor how they look when I take the pin curls down tomorrow.  I think the ends of my hair are still showing signs of scab hair and are not going to really improve until cut off.

Freshly Shampooed and Conditioned:


Freshly Pressed Before Pin Curling:



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2 comments to July 4, 2013 – 11 weeks post big chop – Shampoo and Press

  • Maria

    Don’t be so down! Your hair is much fuller than u realize.

    I am almost 17 months post and I’ll be doing the big chop soon…I waited because I wanted to make sure that I could pull my hair into a bun. I know it still won’t be long enough for my liking so I will probably alternate between braids/wigs until Spring 2014.

    I’m impatient though and it has been hard! I want it to get long now!!! Lol

    Best of luck to u…ur not alone!!!

    • Alyce

      Thank you Maria. I will be posting some update pictures today and I do feel I am making progress. I waited to big chop too so I could have styling options. I can tell you though once you big chop you can then concentrate on growing your hair back and it is much, much easier. Hope your big chop goes well! Alyce

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