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Product Review: African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil

I tried this oil on the recommendation of my sister. She told me that African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil had all the ‘good stuff’ in it. I had some trouble finding it locally as I live in a small town with a limited number of ethnic hair care products, but I was finally able to find it at Sally’s Beauty Supply (thank goodness for them).  I am sure Amazon would have this growth oil too if you just cannot find it locally.

African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil

The first thing I noticed about this oil was the smell. It has a very sweet smell, and as I have stated before, I do not generally like anything on my hair that has a strong smell, especially sweet. Fortunately the smell does not last long. My sister was right in that this oil has many good ingredients, a really good mix of quality oils.  Just to list some of them, it has soybean oil, of course olive oil, but also wheat germ oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, flax seed oil. It also has horsetail extract, silk amino acids, and several types of protein. So if you want a product that is protein free, this is not for you. My hair is protein-sensitive, but I have not noted any problems from the protein yet. The bottle states this is a new and improved formula, and I believe it is because I had looked at African Pride products in the past and do not remember being particularly impressed.

I have been applying it as part of my nightly routine after massaging my scalp and moisturizing. Sometimes I will mix it with coconut oil. I put a little coconut oil on my hand and a few drops of the African Pride Growth Oil and rub them together, then apply to my hair in sections. This leaves my hair soft and easy to comb through. The only other ingredient I wish it had was hemp, as my hair really likes hemp, so I may mix some in with the coconut oil.

Since this oil has so many good ingredients, I thought I would try it without the extra step of a separate moisturizing leave in conditioner. I lightly spritzed my hair with water to moisturize, then I sealed with this oil. This seemed work well and could potentially save the cost of an extra product if you only use the African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil and water.

The bottle states this oil can also be used as a hot oil treatment. I have yet to try this but will update after I do. I have mixed this with a little lanolin and applied to my hands at night, and this works well with the lanolin as the lanolin is very thick and hard to spread by itself. The bottle also states it can also be applied to body, bath, feet, and nails.

The bottle is 8 ounces, and costs under $4, so it is very economical and even more so when you factor in the convenience of not having to mix your own oils.

Update 03/29/2014: The smell of this oil is really too intense for me to use and leave on my hair.  I am so sensitive to smells that strong smells on my hair at night will wake me up.  So, I decided to use this oil when I shampoo and condition my hair.  I apply the oil to freshly shampooed hair and then apply my conditioner on top of the oil and leave on as recommended for the conditioner.  This oil would be good to use with a conditioner that has little to no protein since it contains protein.  After rinsing both products out the smell is gone.  I got this tip for applying oil under my conditioner when I shampoo from beauty of difference.  See her video here.  This oil would also be good used in a whipped shea butter mix for hair.

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