Product Review: Jamila Henna

The Jamila henna, the cheaper version packaged in clear plastic with no expiration date, has been my go to henna for touching up my roots for quite a while.  While it gives a more orangey color than the more expensive henna, it is adequate in my opinion for root coverage.  Since I live in a small town, I have to order this online from an Indian store that does shipping.  If you can find Jamila henna locally where you live I envy you.

The Jamila henna is easy to mix and rinse out.  When I first started using henna to color my hair, I used to add honey to it to make it easier to rinse out per advice on the hair forums.  This really does not work for me, and I find just using a tea mixture and sometimes adding a little lemon are all I need.  I actually think it is easier to rinse out without the honey added.

After using the Trichup henna though, I do think this has a little more grit and leaves more residue in my tub after rinsing.

I have also been adding lavender essential oil to my mixes lately to help with the smell.

I usually let the Jamila henna dye release quite a while, sometimes for a full day with part of that time being spent either in the sun or in the crock pot.  After dye release I usually freeze for later use.

Although this henna will not give the rich color you may want, it definitely will not damage your hair and should be adequate for henna touch-ups or conditioning treatments.

If you are new to henna, you probably will want to try a higher dye content henna first in order to give your hair a good base of henna to start with.  Then you can switch to the less expensive types when you have achieved the depth of color you want.  I  plan on alternating the cheaper hennas with the higher dye release ones to save money and still get an adequate color.

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